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Loc-Up Sales management tools for car/boat/RV/etc. dealers

AND soon

Loc-Up ID for ID age verification and marketing tools. (Under development) 


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Launch Party 1998

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Loc-Up Sales management software for contact and follow-up of prospective customers of high dollar items such as cars, trucks, boats, RVs, mobile homes, and any other items you can think of.

Be able to send out follow-up letters to customers before and after the sale on whatever timetable your company has found to be effective.  Fully network able so that all data is stored in one place, but the manager can view all the data. 

Version 2 is shipping now.

Version 3 with add inventory to the software from start to finish.

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AND soon


Loc-Up ID

For ID age verification for drinking and gambling.  Plus having a database of clients who come in and how much for market purposes.

(Under development)